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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Qwik 54mm: First driver is built!

Here's my first driver. Not too bad, methinks. When I do greenstuff work, I usually count on my painting skill to hide my junior sculpting skills. Here you can see how I do my boots; I just do the tops and let the original sculpt do the rest of the work (now you can see why I like the Bronzeage sculpts.) The greenstuff on the toe of the boots is meant to represent steel tips.

I need to pick up primer first, but I think I'm going to try to get this figure painted up while I work on the others; I want to set her on the work bench to inspire my other creations.


  1. What can I say, man. You're a flippin' genius. I'm really enjoying watching this project come together. Thanks!

  2. Another stunning works!

    I like it so much, if I can move an objection maybe the mask should have some little hole, after all is a filter, so should not be enclosed.

    IMHO of course :D

  3. Yes- good point- I actually had planned on having a hose come from the mask and into a tank on her back; I just plum forgot! That's what I get for not sketching things out.

    Oh well, I can still either carefully drill a few holes or just paint them on. Or perhaps it is her own version of sadism to not be able to breath during the game?


  4. Not breathing for hundred stones?!
    Interesting ;-)

    Nice progress so far, really really like it.

    My favorite so far is the Strapping Man, has a very nice Brom feeling

  5. Really sexy driver! Your greenstuff work is quite respectable. Where do you get your dolls to build up your figures?

  6. I get the dolls from

    They have a range of 32mm and 54mm "generic" figures.