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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blood Bowl teams

Looking at the Dread Ball kickstarter project got me in the mood to dig out my Blood Bowl stuff. I found my orks who were close to being finished, so I finished them.

This was one of the plastic teams that came with the box set (my plastic human team still needs to be painted.) Since they were plastic, I kept the painting simple, splashing on quick layers. This was aided since the plastic isn't highly detailed.

And since I had them out (and since some of you may not have seen them yet), I took photos of my other two painted teams, a wood elf team I painted up as harlequins (this was my first-ever Blood Bowl team), and my Bad Bay Hackers team (a mix of humans and barbarians from various manufacturers, all inspired by the Killer Contract comic book series.)


  1. Great work; I am always tempted to get back into blood Bowl and with so many options available for Teams can see no good reason not to do so. Love these. :)

  2. Hi, really great teams. Big fan of BB, though don't play it as much as I should. Really like the Bad Bay Hackers, particularly the oversized humans/barbarians. Is there any chance you could let me know which manufacturers they are from. Cheers, Rob

    1. Sure: The largest figures (most of them, actually) are from Heresy (their Deathball range). The Valkyrie figure up front is from Impact. The running figure at the far left is from Four Color's Superfigs line. The rest of them are old (OLD) school Games Workshop figures.