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Thursday, December 27, 2012

All the minions for my Mice and Mystics game are painted. These were all fun and easy to paint.

I painted the rats in grays and browns to differentiate between regular rat warriors and elite rat warriors for the game. 

For the spider, I was originally intending to paint it in with bright orange or blue markings to give it an other-worldy feel, but I decided to stay with some natural browns and off-white to give it a more down-to-earth feel (to try to make the players just a touch more uneasy about having it on the board.)

Again- I'm having a blast painting these! I also heard through the grapevine (Internet) that Plaid Hat Games is working on "another set of minis" for the game. I'm not sure if this means they want to make these specific minis as a separate box, or if they'll be putting out some new minions (what they call the enemy figure is Mice and Mystic). Either way, if the game is too expensive for you, I recommend at least picking up some of the new minis to try; No assembly, fun sculpts and easy to paint.


  1. A pleasure to view and to conjure up scenarios for them to star in.