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Monday, December 31, 2012

Mice and Mystics: Maginos, Filch, Tilda and Lily

With the day off, I blitzed through the final figures for Mice and Mystics. I have the four final heroes - Maginos, Filch, Tilda and Lily - painted inked and sitting on the table waiting for the matte varnish to dry.

I didn't do anything special or different with these figures, so I'll just post the photos. Now, to refresh myself on the rules so I can play a game this week.



  1. They look superb great job and Happy New Year!

  2. These are so AWESOME! They look like the pics in the cards.
    Would you happen to have a explanation on how you painted yours?

    1. I primed them with Army Painter primer (which works well on soft plastics.) I followed the primer up with a layer of Delta Ceramcote black (it's a craft paint.) This layer adds a little bit of extra tooth for the colors.
      And then I painted them using the three-layer (triad) method.
      The simple technique works well with these more whimsical figures.

      You can find many more detailed tutorials (via Google or -- even better -- Youtube.) But I would recommend starting with the Army Painter Primer and Delta Ceramcote (a priming technique I use for all my plastic board game figures -- requires NO varnishing in the end!)

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