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Friday, December 28, 2012

Another cute animal drawing

I actually started these before I bought Mice and Mystics, though it all still stems from this mysterious need to draw and paint little cute animals. I bought a new sketchbook since finishing the last a couple weeks ago, and this new one is made with watercolor paper. It's also much larger- 9x12 versus 5x8.

My original intent was to do full sketches on one page each, so that I wouldn't have to deal with the sketchbook's seam down the middle during scanning. But I'm still using the whole spread -- 18x12 inches worth of space -- and erasing the seam on Photoshop.

There's really no story with "Mouse." It's just going to be random incidents and large art put into the sketchbook on slow days. So far I only have the two pieces. Hopefully, there'll be more to follow.


  1. Mouse goes wargaming! Cool work!

  2. Good start!
    I love your work and I'm starting to be a fan!

  3. Mouse is a man after my own heart...that's my hat he's wearing!

  4. Thanks for sharing your art by the way. I really enjoy the variety and whimsy of ypur stuff.