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Monday, October 27, 2014

Bronze Age Miniatures: Because I like'em!

My Waiteri tribe was made using Bronze Age Miniatures 54mm generics as a base.
Some of the best times on my work table were spent creating
these (and many more) post-apocalyptic characters. 
I put in another order with Bronze Age Miniatures today, for some generic figures that I'll be converting to play Rogue Planet. I have lots of Bronze Age's (54mm) minis already -- converted into post apocalyptic gladiators -- but I don't have any ranged weapon-armed post-apoc figures, hence this latest order.

So what are "generics?" Only about the greatest tool for those wanting to learn to use green stuff. David's (Mr. Bronze Age, himself) generic figures are fully sculpted dollies with nothing on them but muscles and attitude. They await only to be clothed, armed and armored as you see fit. I found them a few years ago while looking for some inexpensive 54mm figures to turn into cavemen to play Tusk, and I've ordered many more since then.

This is what you get when you buy
a generic figure. (Photo taken
from the Bronze Age website.)
The price is great, $11 for each of the 54mm figures and $2.75 for 32mm -- oh yes, did I mention they also have 32mm generics? ... skeletons, too!

I buy from Bronze Age exclusively for the generics, but they also have some other great figures, I like the look of the barbarians, and the (John Carter) 32mm sci fi figures are among the best of that genre I've ever seen. Have a look!

Photo note

I switched to a black background (requested for some freelance work,) and I like it; the camera's auto color settings seem to work best with the new background. The colors in the new photos, at least on my monitor, are about the truest color I've been able to attain.

Now, I just need to find a new background; the current one was made buy hanging one of my favorite shirts beneath and behind the minis. And I want that shirt back, now :)


  1. Most impressive characters...and great bases too!

  2. I'll look forward to seeing waht you do with these lataest figures. The black back ground does look impressive. Never tried a black ground for photos since the usual wisdom is too use a light background!

  3. I tested some light backgrounds, but they either made the picture a bit grainy (the old camera) or simply made the figure look slightly darker in comparison. The black background at least brightens the figures a bit.

    I look forward to seeing how these figures turn out, too; I have no plans, I'm just going dig out some bits and freeform it like I did the others :)

  4. Wow those Neolithic characters are just... too cool for words. Great work.

  5. Agreed, I have a bunch of bronzeage too, in both scales as well as most of their other stuff. I am hoping David makes a few more gladiators sometime. I have used bronzeage stuff for Post apoc, Gladiators,Sindbad just tons of usage. Your stuff is fantastic and an inspiration.