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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Post-Apoc road board

This board went fast (and I expected to get it done quickly.)
I painted up the sidewalks in a medium granite color. I followed this up by painting the curbs red on the corners (no parking!) and yellow along the sides (no parking/temporary unloading.)

I kept these colors fairly bright because the next layer of color was a light gray to highlight and add wear to the sidewalks.

I followed up the light gray on the sidewalks with a general drybrushing of tan all over the board. I kept the paint on the brush as dry as I could, and I used it to scrub the board with a lot of force.

That layer dried quickly. I grabbed a liner brush and some black paint, and I started painting random crack patterns to emphasize the movement zones. I darkened the seams between sidewalk sections as well as the cracks.

I was originally going to go in and highlight along the edges on one side of all of the cracks to give them a more 3D appearance, but I was happy with how the black lining came out somewhat muted; I wanted to define the movement zones, but I didn't want the board to look like it had a strong grid pattern painted on it.

My post-apoc fluff setting doesn't have a scorched earth, more of an abandoned earth, hence the greener grass. I used white glue for the large patches of grass and superglue for the lines of grass sprouting up through the cracks in the road.

In case you can't easily see the grid lines implied by all of the terrain features, below I made some images overlaying a grid over the board for each of the games I plan on playing.

Grid for playing Machinas. Since I play 54mm (1/32 scale), there's only space for a 4-player game.
Grid for playing Qwik. I didn't want to divide the road into 5 lanes; this is why the Qwik field uses one of the sidewalks.
The entire board can be used to play Red Sand Brown Sky (post-apoc gladiators.) Each zone is 3 inches square.


  1. Superb and like the subtle gridding very much

  2. Nice work Carmen. Now for some blood of Zombies!

  3. "I wanted to define the movement zones, but I didn't want the board to look like it had a strong grid pattern painted on it."

    Accomplished! I didn't even notice the grid until I read that bit.

  4. Superb. Really well planned out which is the key to this I think. But excellent execution as well.

  5. I've enjoyed reading about your new terrain/gaming board.