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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Samurai terrain board: Mostly done

None of my hobby shops carry the large foliage clusters by Woodland Scenics, so I had to order some online. The board is otherwise finished, so here are a couple shots with a few of the samurai to give you an idea of the size of the board.

The whole board with a few added trees.
Charging around the right flank.

The center of the line (photo taken from the pond)


  1. I really enjoy your work on the pictures, beautiful minis and terrain...A peaceful place (before the arrival of the warriors!) for these fantastic fishes, love them!

  2. Great looking Samurai and board.

  3. The birch trunks and autumnal foliage really finish this off nicely

  4. Sweet! All tied together it looks and feels the period. Nicely done.

  5. Lovely, and I like the ground work in particular. However, I was thinking about the board this morning, is it a bit small for this scale? Seems like ranged fire would cause a few casualties before the forces close...

    1. The board has ample space if I use the Red Sands rules for my skirmishes (which I use almost exclusively) -- those melees rarely need more than a square foot of space once opposing forces get locked up. So this give me not only enough space for fighting, but plenty of space for a little bit of maneuvering into the fight.

      And I won't be fielding forces any bigger than 5 or 6 per side (with no more than one or two missile troops total.) And once the bushes get placed, there'll be a few spots of cover from those one or two archers I have for the samurai.

      I only put this whole force on the board to make things a little more picturesque :)

  6. That really great- inspiring stuff.



  7. Great pictures and fine scenery! Bravo!!