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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Post Apoc road game pics

Here are some shots of what each game would look like on my new post-apoc road board:

A game of Machinas. If you really want to, you can drive on the sidewalks, too.
A game of Qwik. The sidewalk and crosswalk are part of the field.
Red Sand Brown Sky (post-apoc gladiators,) showing how terrain extras can be used to mark off a smaller arena.


  1. Stunning work- I'd be green with envy but the colour doesn't suit me.

    You should get some great games out of those boards.



  2. That is pretty off the hook. Amazing work Carmen. I'm going to have to try working with that suede product as the effect you achieved with it is brilliant.

  3. Excellent: Homemade board and the best thrashed-vehicles in the galaxy!

  4. Oh man, all of them look Awesome!

  5. Awesome. Great result with this project. a very convenient size as well.

  6. Stonkingly superb. Really does look very good indeed. It'd be an absolute pleasure to have a game with any of those vehicles, figures and on that board. Top stuff!! :-)

  7. Stunning ! The rust-effects fabulous...and at least a reasonable use for a Stop sign :)