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Friday, November 14, 2014

Rogue Planet figures WIP

Yep, naked sniper, gladiator with a minigun and some tentacle people. Also yes, a finned-head lady with a tail.

Rogue Planet figures are finished being converted. Next up will be fitting them for pins for pinning to bases. After the pins are installed, I'll begin priming. Then painting!

Space Hulk figures are all assembled, including a Deathwing squad I picked up (I'll probably get one more Deathwing squad for the full "Bringer of Sorrow" complement.) The plan is to paint the Space Hulk figures once I've finished painting the Rogue Planet figures, but I'll probably end up painting the random terminator or genestealer as the RP figures progress.


  1. Figs look fantastic. I'm not as excited about Rogue Planet as I thought I would be. I hoped it was going to be more like Mayhem, but it's more like Mayhem's Magic system, which is my least favorite part of those rules.

  2. Great conversions you got there!
    I look forward to see them painted

  3. Always love your sculpts on those Bronze Age mannequins. I too bought Space Hulk when it was rereleased. I just have one issue with the new genestealers, some of the poses don't fit in the board spaces well or line up easily.

    1. Same here; I was thinking about purchasing some older less flailing genestealers (if they exist.)
      On the flip side, it's nice that the squares are about 30mm instead of the usual 25, so that some slightly larger stuff can be squeezed on.

  4. Great conversions!
    Rogue Planet looks fantastic ... it is on my wishlist!