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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rogue Planet minis coming along

Nyarlathotep with his children. Still WIP.
Nyarla means business with the Big'un.
Got some more work done on my Rogue Planet figures, especially on my children of Nyarlathotep. I also plan on doing some figures up as lizard people, but those conversions will probably be as simple as green skin and maybe a fin on top of the head or something -- so a classic Star Trek level of creating aliens.

The remainder will be good, old-fashioned human beings, including a historically accurate gladiator with a minigun arm and a rocket pack. You'll see him later.


  1. that paintjob is excellent... though the thing that's still freaking me out, is for a thing with a tentacle for a head with no discernable features you can still see where they are 'looking?'