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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Zombicide monochrome: How to Video!

Yes, I set aside my Luddite ways for just a few minutes, put a camera between me and my painting, bumbled through Moviemaker and then Handbrake trying to figure out how to make the file size smaller, and created this short video demonstrating how I paint my zombies for Zombicide.

If you want to follow along and paint, here is a list of supplies I used:
-- Grubby old brush -- a little larger (Size 3 or 4)
-- (paints) Black
-- P3 Bootstrap Leather  (or just a dark to medium brown)
-- Foundry Base Sand (or any light tan/beige color)
-- Foundry Raw Linen (any off white; raw linen has a touch of yellow/green to it.)
-- water, paper towel, mini!

This was just one zombie; I usually apply one color to about a dozen zombies or so before moving on to the next layer/color. This zombie takes about 4 minutes to paint, but en masse, I can finish a dozen zombies in a little over ten minutes.

One last note: I went just a touch heavy with the paint here -- it's just a matter of wiping off a little more excess. The effect still works, it just takes a little longer to dry.


  1. Nice, thanks! It makes me feel better that I'm not the only one that randomly drops models while I'm painting ;)

  2. Great video, thanks dude! I couldn't believe how fast that was, simple yet awesome.

  3. Thanks for the video! But now I don't know what to do, I've been planning to paint my zombies and watching lots of how to videos, but this is the first showing monochrome. I think they get really cool painted with many colors but the appeal of the mass effect of the horde is incredible (and easy to spot playing)... I'm confuse about how i'm going to paint now.

    1. If you enjoy playing the game, paint monochrome. You will then be able to finish painting faster (and the figures will still look good.)
      If you enjoy painting the minis, paint full color, then you will enjoy it more as you take your time painting.

      Even painting my zombies monochrome, I still paint my survivors in full color, so I get the best of both worlds :)

    2. I've decided to paint the zombies monochrome but the survivors and companions full color, this blog helped me a lot!!