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Monday, February 16, 2015

Zombicide: Skinner Zombies

Here are all the skinner zombies from the Rue Morgue core box. These painted up nice and fast (as i had expected; you saw how fast I did the one in the video.) These took all of a couple hours (OK, maybe three) to finish.

The color turned out nice. I was worried they were getting a touch washed out and maybe MAYBE close to the grays, but altogether, these take on a beautiful sepia tone; they definitely have their own identity among my zombie collection. I'm not sure what color I'll paint the seekers yet -- probably a dark blue of some sort.

My Rue Morgue box set is entirely painted, now. I'm glad I got through it all; my other Zombicide stuff took me about a year of on-and-off painting. I'm all ready for the Angry Neighbors expansion (and Kickstarter extras). That one shouldn't take too long, which is good, because I imagine my Mercs: Recon stuff will arrive soon after, and I will probably need the summer to get through that stuff, and then there will be Conan, Space Cadets and Return of the Dragon minis to paint ... I should probably lay off the Kickstarters for a while.