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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Woman in sensible armor

I don't remember the exact name of the Kickstarter campaign (women in sensible armor?) nor the name of the sculptor (who I salute!), but these figures are great to paint. I'm painting these for my friend Jeff who owns these figures.

I can really dig a nice, crisp, contemporary sculpt done in a retro, old-school style. They look great in a nostalgic way, and with the well-defined, simple sculpt (that's not over the top,) these make for great figures for a beginner to start with, or for an old-guarder like me to paint leisurely.

I don't mind the over-the-top look sometimes, but I wish there was a range of just sensible adventurers -- No bikini-wearing ballet posed, elf-faced, over-emoted fighters, or pigeon-toed women, or big-tittied barbarian men with nothing but a loin cloth and a sword the size of a Yugo to carry them through the month, or cloaked rogues with overly grim faces of sneakiness, daggers and hand crossbows always in hand, or priests bedecked with teeming scrolls, books, re-agents and a hundred skulls forever faced toward the sky screaming a prayer to a wrathful god --

But regular men and women inching their way through a dungeon, cautiously, peering around corners, stooped while tracking clues or reading a map, hands on hilts but swords scabbarded for ease of movement, necessary supplies, food and equipment on their backs stowed on belts and in packs and pouches, and with just enough armor -- a chainmail shirt or random piece of plate on a shoulder -- to protect but not so much that they are helpless turtles should they fall on their backs.

I've actually seen a range like this (beside the women in sensible armor) -- I forget the name right off, but the figures were nice (if a touch on the pricier side.) Time to go surf the web!

Edit: It's Otherworld Miniatures (the adventurers, specifically). Now, some of the figures still break the rules of what I'm looking for, but many are perfect -- check out the henchmen and hirelings box set; those are all of what I like!


  1. That's an Oathsworn miniature from their Heroines in Sensible Shoes line.

    1. Thanks for the info!
      Oh man, these are the people who do the Burrows and Badgers line, too!

      And Michael and Jo Lovejoy are the sculptors; I'll have to remember those names.

  2. I never was a fan of the overly masculine and feminine models. They seem mostly there to make people with the 'shiny miniature syndrome' to feed their buying habit. I like this one, she might make a great miniature to use in Frostgrave or as a prop in a RPG. The retro look you gave her suits her well.

  3. Hasslefree's "Alicia" is an excellent example, I'll be reviewing her on my blog next week