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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Zombicide: A horde marker

Sometimes, in Zombicide, more zombies congregate in a zone than can physically fit. Some people play that nothing other zombies or survivors cannot enter the zone once it reaches capacity. And others take all the zombies in that zone, set it aside, and place a marker to represent that horde. That marker is what I've made here.

I had plenty of extra walkers, superglue and gumption, so putting this together was no problem. Simply cut the zombies form their bases (try to cut as close to the base as possible so as not to cut their feet off.) Then start gluing them to a larger base (I used a 60mm base here.) With each figure, do a rough dry placement to see how it looks first. Then a couple dabs of superglue on the feet and one or two on the body where the figure might touch other figures for added strength.

You can prime with spray, but you'll need to follow up with some brush primer to fill in missed spots. Then paint as normal!

I don't play much modern Zombicide after the release of Black Plague, so I won't be using this marker much at all. But I'd like to make a couple similar markers for my Black Plague game. I'll need to find some more zombies (without having to buy another core box.)

If you're trying to count -- there are 18 zombies on that base! The next one, I might spread them out a little more. 18 is fun, but I don't want to spend TOO much money on these :)


  1. They look ace, and quite disturbing...perfect for a zombie game!

  2. Looking excellent and quite scary too.

  3. Brilliant, another idea I will steal from you

  4. I like this. I am an older gamer and I am not so hung up on using minis. It would be nice if somebody made a set of cardboard counters, then you could just play with the counters and unnerve everybody with monster stacks.

    I wonder about just cutting some zombies off their bases and mounting them on bases with other zombies, so like using one zombie on the base and adding two more. You could do this with the same zombies that came with the set.

    Even better, make little numbered banners , like standards, that you could stick to a zombie. I'm prolly just gonna stick some masking tape with the number five on it on the zombie.

    Thanks for the initial idea that led to this conclusion!

  5. I think I'm going to try and do one of these, except I will use an old 3" Mage Knight "clix" base. Print out a sticker with increments of 5 (5,10,15,etc, up to 100 as there are 20 "clicks" on a 3" base.) Then it also becomes a more accurate counter for how many it represents. I have a ton of old Horrorclix zombies as well that I can use to populate it. I like the black and white look you have going on here. Just need to strip off the paint on the clix to help bring out the detail they have glommed over with their paint.

    1. Great idea -- My gf and I have been playing a LOT of Zombicide the past couple weeks; I made three of these markers -- If you decide to make more, I think 4 or 5 should be enough to cover all contingencies.