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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Zombicide Black Plague: Cul'nar

This is one of the figures from the Adrian Smith guest artist box (Chronicles of Hate) for Zombicide: Black Plague. I got the box because I wanted some barbarian types for the game, and these were amazing to look at.

But they're a pain in the ass to paint. Lots of subtle detail that, if you're not controlling your palette, will get real busy real fast. I actually had to repaint a couple things on Cul'Nar here to clean him up a bit. I still might go back and tone down/clean up a few things.

Still, from a tabletop distance, he looks pretty good, and that's what counts with my games and their figures. And, honestly, the only time I (or my friends) will sit and really admire the paint job is the first time they see them; the remaining time the figures will simply be pretty pawns on the board.
And that's OK, too.


  1. Both a characterful model and a great job painting him. Nicely done!

  2. Damn. This is beautiful. Don't suppose you made a vid of the painting process. I'm a journeyman mini painter myself and have no creativity when it comes to paint selection, but I can be adequate if I copy someone else.

    1. No videos other than how to paint a zombie in a monochromatic color, but, when I get some more time away from my day job, I hope to make a video or two.