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Saturday, June 12, 2010

54mm Waiteri tribe: Hunters greens

Here are my hunters, those who, when the mammoth is within reach, will go in close for the final spear thrusts after a weeks-long stalking of the heard.

The naked fellow in the center will get a paint job to denote him as a fanatic. Like the shaman, it will be black paint. The firemaker and chief may also get a little bit of body paint, but I think I'll leave the rest of the hunters plain.

My weapon selection is not as diverse as I would have wanted, but there are enough. Here there are only heavy and light spears, but my chief will be armed with a stone axe (actually an adze), and his queen is armed with a bow. I made an atlatl that I love, but none of the figures I picked up this time around have a good throwing pose. Bronze Age does have a female in a throwing position, and I think I will pick her up later, so that someone in the tribe will be using my favorite prehistoric weapon.

I have three figures left to convert: My firemaker, who needs a bone lantern (like the one seen in the movie "Quest for Fire"; my chief who, at this point, only has leggings and his adze; and the queen (one of the first figures I did for the tribe) who still needs flights for her quiver of arrows. I may leave the queen's arrows flightless such as some African and tropical tribes do.

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