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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

54mm Waiteri tribe: Scout with tiger hide

Here's my second scout/tracker. And this is my first animal print-wearing caveman. I like it. Now I wish I had done more. I guess I still have three more figures to add prints to.

That makes nine in my humble little tribe. I STILL have yet to place my next order (Sorry, Dave, I'll get that in soon.) I have a long weekend off coming up, but I have family in town, and friends maybe wanting to hang out for the Fourth. Hopefully, I'll find time to paint one or two figures between now and the end of next weekend.

When all the figures are painted, I plan on measuring out some armature wire for my mammoth. I plan on doing a Columbian Mammoth (Columbia as in "America" not Colombia the country.) The columbian mammoth wasn't the largest , but it had massive tusks that twisted as they curved causing them to come together and almost intertwining (perhaps a little exaggeration) in front of the tusk. The mammoth also was not as whooly as his European counterpart, looking more like a modern day indian elephant (with big-ass tusk!)


  1. Very nice work and really great results on the Tiger stripes!


  2. Great job on the animal skin, and the flesh is really really good (keeping up with the standard you've done all of these in). My only criticism is the eyes- something just looks a little off.. It may just be me though!

  3. No, you're right. The eyes are off a bit. I still have yet to paint the whites in the eyes, and (on the big pic) with the eye on the right, the black extends too far into the nose. And there's some weird reflection on the other eye. I was just eager to get this fella onto the blog.

    Thanks for the criticism; you reminded me I actually need to finish this guy! :)

    Hmm, maybe I'll put up another post with my (caucasian) flesh recipe. It seems to be popular.