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Thursday, June 24, 2010

54mm Waiteri tribe: Scout with two spears and some game

This is the first prehistoric character I had in my mind before I had even ordered any figures; a lone man walking the plains, spears in hand, his bed and supplies on his back, and a bit of game slung on his belt.

I'm particularly happy with how the dead bird turned out. It was a pain in the ass to make, but it was worth it. The bedroll and pouch were easier.

So that's been five figures finished (painted) in little less than a week. I think I'll take a short break. I've got one more hunter, the fire maker, an archer and the chief yet to paint. I'm still thinking about which figures to pick up. I have it narrowed down to five. After they're done, I think I'll see about getting that mammoth finished. I stopped by Hobby Lobby today and was surprised to see that they had the Safari Ltd (Carnegie) mammoth. Part of my original plan was to purchase that very mammoth for this tribe to hunt! Well, I looked at it for a bit, took in it's size; it's a little larger than what I wanted, but I wasn't too particular. Then I set it down and went and purchased some armature wire.

If my own effort fails, I can just buy one of those Safari Ltd mammoths.


  1. I've got to say that this whole tribe has been stunning so far, and I've really enjoyed reading your posts on them, amazing sculpts, brilliant paint.

    If only I had an excuse to start another game system.. 54mm eh? :)

  2. Stunning work, this guy reminds me of the Ice man they found in the alps with his bedroll and hunting bow. They also discovered he had tattoed lines and dots all over his body that were ment to help releave arthritis thay think.