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Monday, March 28, 2011

Elf sniper and D&D Classes

No, I'm not done with the Street Corner project, I just wanted to take a quick break from it before finishing up the last few figures. In the mean time, I pulled this fellow out of the lead mountain (he was already based and primed,) and painted him up. This is actually my second try at this figure; I gave my first one to Jeff. Really, the only change from the first one to this one is that I wanted to give him a longer bow and use some more traditional colors.

I've been randomly acquiring figures to represent some of the original classes from Dungeons and Dragons. I have most of them up to 4th Edition. I'm only a few figures shy of having a representative miniature for all the basic classes (core rules and players handbook), but I'm not going to do 4th Edition; there's just too many damn classes in that edition. Since I'm doing the archetype classes, that is why I decided to have fun and go all cliche with the colors (at least for this elven ranger.)
To finish out the old edition classes (basic classes through 3rd edition), I think all I need are a bard, druid, mystic and sorcerer. (I have a barbarian and monk, they're just not pictured here.) Those minis should be easy to find, though, I'm not quite sure what a D&D Mystic is; does anyone have a description of this class (it's from 1st edition "Basic" D&D)?

Once I have all the figures, maybe I'll find myself a copy of the first or second edition rules, get a group, some graph paper, a basement and some Mt. Dew, and have an old-school dungeon crawl session.


  1. Mystic was Basic's version of Advanced's Monk but slightly more magical if I recall correctly.

  2. Wonderfull...just wonderfull...the colours!!! ..I love em :-D

  3. Thanks, Fabian! I guess I'll just use my monk figure then.
    I'll have to post a pic of everything when it's ALL done.

    Paul- Yeah- the colors just worked for me on these. That and the photo turned out great; I did almost NO Photoshop work on this (just cropping and re-sizing). The lighting and the camera's color/white balance were just all in perfect sync for this photo. Maybe the minis gods want me to do more fantasy? I'm certainly not against it.