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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Street Corner: Big Nick and Kid Ginger

Big Nick is actually a figure from Copplestone's Future War's range (Bad Guys in Suits pack, I believe.) But he's armed with a luger, and since men's suits have changed little in almost 100 years, I gave him a tie and added him to the gangster collection. The name comes from a short-lived character in Hammett's "Red Harvest," though, that character went doubles with his pistols. I do have a gangster in the collection with two pistols, but this fellow is bigger than the rest. (Perhaps he's reaching for his other pistol in his pocket.)

Kid Ginger is from Copplestone's Candy Kid's Street Punks pack. I just gave him the name for his red hair. He's not a character from any story I've read.

Just a few more gangsters left to paint. My Frothers Cthulhu figures haven't arrived yet, which is ok; it gives me time to finish up the gangsters. I also have one more crewman to paint for my tramp steamer. I've been looking through Copplestone's figures seeing what else I can convert into more crew. Another thing I was thinking about redoing was my 1930s film crew, though the only change would be to base the new crew on pavement to add to the Street Corner collection. Just a thought.

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