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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Next project: Survive!

So, today, I purchased and played the boardgame "Survive!" My friends and I had loads of fun with it; we especially enjoyed the sass value. 

Well, the game comes with some great little wooden pieces, meeple-type people and meeple-type sea monsters. The pieces are nice, but hells bells, this is a great opportunity to dig out the greenstuff and Sculpey and model some more realistic sea monsters! Modeling my own monsters, I can sculpt variations of each monster to add variety -- hammerhead sharks, great whites, or just a fin for example. For whales, I can have head breachers or just a tail .. and so on and so forth.

It will probably be at least another week or two before I finish my Street Corner project, and maybe I'll find something else to do instead of this. But I just had to think out loud on this one. I've actually been wanting to sculpt some whales after I picked up a copy of Wargames Illustrated that had Moby Dick rules in it.
(In case you're interested, issue No. 99 has the Moby Dick rules. They're real basic, but they're written by Chris Peers.)

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