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Monday, March 21, 2011

Street Corner: Chief Noonan and the Poisonville Police Dept.

So my small police force is not unkempt, raggedy, almost uniformless, corrupt and with cigars in the corners of their mouths like Poisonville's finest, but the figure I'm using here as their chief is about perfect to represent the devious character Chief Noonan from Dashiell Hammett's book, "Red Harvest."

I've also finished the last policeman from the Copplestone's Beat Cops pack. I hope Copplestone comes out with another pack of cops, or some G-men, preferably with shotguns and Tommy guns; the law on my table is dangerously outgunned.


  1. Great looking police .... yopur right shotguns would be a nice addition

  2. I have been following this with growing interest. Beautiful brushwork, the whole thing captures the feel of the period perfectly.
    Have you decided which rules to use?

  3. I'll be using these to play Savage Worlds RPG. I have a home brew world; it's mostly 1930s pulp and gangster with just a taste of mythos.

    For skirmishing, I'll use Two Hour Wargames Chain Reaction rules (with the Gangsters expansion.)