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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Red Box Games (and why expensive is ok sometimes.)

I wondered how I could totally forget about this company; I looked at some of their stuff a while back, and thought it was just a little too expensive for me. Well, I've been looking for a few figures to fill in the missing D&D character classes I'm painting figures for, and someone suggested a figure at Red Box. I went back. Their selection has grown! 

And this time around, prices didn't bother me for a few reasons: 
-I'm not building an army here, so I'm not too worried about price per figure- sure, I'd rather not pay $20 per figure, but something around the $10 range is reasonable; And with only a couple figures at a time on the workbench, I'll be more patient and take my time painting them. 
-Also, if you're looking for a specific figure to represent your character for an RPG campaign, you're gonna want something nice; this figure will be with you throughout your gaming experience, and later, you'll point at it when you reminisce with others about encounters in your game, so you should spend a couple extra dollars and get something you like and that is nice rather than something just because it's cheap. Don't think of it as purchasing a figure, think of it as searching for a character.
-And last is that Red Box shipping is only $2 to the U.S.!! Price per human-sized figure is $8.99, and $5.99 for dwarves. So really, Red Box isn't much more expensive than Reaper.

Anyway, I just ordered a few figures. They'll make it to the blog in the future. You don't have to buy from Red Box -- there are definitely some cheaper alternatives -- but I hope you'll at least take a look at their figures:

Ok, one more reason: Red Box just has some frickin' cool minis.


  1. Nice minis..I like the look of the Beautiful Eivor...very nice sculpt

  2. I just want to say thanks for the link and introduction. I hadn't heard of the range at all and yet they do indeed have some excellent sculpts. I'm most obliged for the information, they're filling me with ideas for characters already!

  3. Tre's Helsvakt are awesome, e.g., Morgrimn the Mighty.