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Monday, February 27, 2012

Dungeons and Gangsters and Dragons

So, I put the dragon up temporarily on my gangster's shelf - and then this little slice of fun entered my mind.   The background is photoshopped. And yes, that car fit perfectly in the dragon's hands.

I hope those guys have +5 Vorpal Thompson machineguns with drum magazines of the Unending Bullet.


  1. I may stick dinosaurs in the Civil war.

  2. How awesome is that photo ... Love it

  3. Pure gold!

    It's like Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, but cooler...


    The Beast of All Souls!!!!
    The detectives knew that gangland was Hell...
    ...but they didn't plan on meeting Hell's Kingpin!

  4. Alternate history Shadowrun - Me Like!

  5. I saved a copy of this pic in my folder called "inspiration". I look at that folder when I need a idea boost. This is such a great pic with any number of possible stories... Were the cops and gangsters fighting before the dragon showed up? Who brought it? Is it keeping the grey car or throwing it? Is anyone in the car? are they who the dragon is after? is it angry because the hot dog cart was out of mustard?(ok maybe not that last one)
    Great job!