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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Orange goblin skin

I'm just movin' right along today, granted, some of these goblins were already mostly painted. Here's a casual step-by-step showing both the goblins and the paints I'm using (all Foundry.) I'm gonna have to fiddle with my camera settings; the orange color is making everything a bit dark.

Now, I have to get ready to go to work. Sigh.
Update: Scroll to the bottom for a better photo showing the color.


  1. Those look absolutely fantastic, and have given me an idea for my own game.

    Often, differentiating between orcs and goblins is somewhat difficult; all too many times, I've found (especially in 15mm), the differences in the features and such are difficult at best to distinguish on the table.

    But by doing my orcs in green, and goblins in orange, the problem immediately goes away. Hobgoblins can be treated the same way; gray skin, red face, blue nose. Easy to distinguish at a glance.

    Of course, if someone were to make 15mm pig-faced-orcs, that might help too!

  2. very nice. Not-green orks and goblins are always refreshing to see, and you did them well.

  3. I guess I should have mentioned that I'm painting these based on descriptions given by the 1st ed. AD&D Monster Manual. After these will be some brown orcs (though, Joseph, mine don't have pig nose either.)

    And besides the monster manual, I like the orange anyway; it's refreshing and brings some wonderful color (without being too bright) to an otherwise-drab-colored race.

  4. Spectacular stuff! I love the idea of paintong orcs and goblins in non-usual colors. Hope you don't mind if I steal you that idea ;)