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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Orange goblins: Boss and mage

Here are the last of my goblins. Both of these figures actually came in the same pack, Reaper No. 2876 Goblin Leader and Shaman - oh, so it's a shaman.

I had fun painting all these gobbos. They represent the beginning of a larger project I'd like to do. I want to put together encounters for D&D. So the last few days I've painted my "goblin encounter." Next, I'd like to do an "orc encounter," and then a "bugbear/hobgoblin encounter." I'm not sure how far I will take this; I'll probably fill at least one chessex box. So far, I have these goblins, a few orcs, a cyclops, minotaur, troll and basilisk. I'd like to get the aformentioned bugbears and hobgoblins. I'd also like to do a few more iconic dungeon monsters (beholder and roper, for example.) I think I will also have some fun and make my own ochre jelly, black pudding and gray ooze (using epoxy resin, greenstuff and/or Sculpey.) I haven't thought about anything past that yet, but all of the figures will probably be Reaper.


  1. Lovely pjs, but don't you tire of the oversized figures reaper puts out?

  2. For fantasy, I (and my friends) do mostly Reaper, so size isn't a factor. And we use them almost exclusively for playing D&D. That, and we play on a grid with 1 1/4" squares, which can handle the larger figures (most D&D map products are on a 1" grid.) So having larger figures isn't an issue for us.