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Monday, February 13, 2012

Sacrilegious envelopes (plus Reaper update)

I got a couple comments for my envelope art, so I figured I'd post a few more. I also illustrate/doodle on my letters; I enjoy writing to friends and family, mostly because it gives me a chance to do random or silly art. That, and it keeps my brush hand loose.

I wonder how many Virgin Mary stamps I have left over? And thank god most of my family is Catholic, so that they have a sense of humor.

Also, my Reaper order arrived as I was typing this post (Basilisk, classic orcs, troll, old model black orc, and beggar from the townsfolk range). In the past, I have complained about casting issues with Reaper minis (bad mold lines, lots of flash, even some right-out miscasts.) But those orders were always through third-party vendors. 

This order was direct from Reaper, and there were no casting issues (a few mold lines and a bent weapon, but nothing I can't easily handle.) Coupled with the three days it took for the minis to arrive AND with free postage, I think I'll order more Reaper stuff direct. (By the way, free U.S. postage for orders over $25 -- one of the best free postage offers I think I've seen anywhere.) Oh- and not only that- Reaper sent me a sample of one of their paints. It doesn't say what specific color its is on the label, (just "1/2 oz. free sample,") but the color is very close to the orange I plan on painting my Goblins! 

So either I'm lucky, or I have a fan in the Reaper shipping department. Thanks, Reaper!
(By the way, this isn't a paid ad- I sincerely am happy with this order. You can see all my favorite makers and sellers listed near the top left of my blog.)