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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Machinas: Sneak peak

I know many of you are patiently waiting for Machinas.
Well, I got the first deck in my hands from Ed at Two Hour Wargames, so we do indeed have a product, and it looks great!

A key change to the rules: The game will be entirely card-based. All weapons, signatures, features and cars will be on cards. But miniatures lovers shouldn't worry, the game still supports those of us who want to use our Hot Wheels, models or other toys.

Having all cards also helps the game to be much more portable, and more accessible to regular boardgamers (who don't want to take the time to convert and paint any minis.)

The game will also still be compatible with After the Horsemen.

The cards are also giving me ideas for different kinds of races.

For example
Junkyard Rally: All the equipment cards (ie, not those with driver signatures) are randomly dealt out, one at a time to each player until his car can carry no more; you use what your dealt. You could do something similar with drivers; players build their own cars, but are assigned a random driver.
Limited resources: One thing I like about the cards is that they act as a self-limiter, allowing only so many of certain weapons. If there aren't enough of a weapon, some players will go awanting (and will probably reap the wrath of all the others who didn't get a Quad 50.)
Dealin' and Wheelin': Players are all dealt three or four cards each, and they must trade at least one from another player. Not sure how the details would work out, but these are just brainstorms from flipping through these cards.

Anyway, I'm not quite sure when the crowdfunding will begin, but there is certainly a physical product, now.


  1. So, when is the expected release date? I am really looking forward to this as I am slowly building up for a Road Warrior mini game. I still have to get the fuel truck though.


  2. NOt sure when the release date is yet; Ed is handling that side of it.
    I just wanted to show everyone that we actually have a physical product now, so the date is nearing.