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Sunday, August 18, 2013

42mm Samurai: Koryu buntai

Here are the core members of my little sword school group. Well, it's sort of a sword school- the lancer in there must be a double-major.

Three of these samurai were repaints. I dropped them into the Simple Green overnight. After getting the paint stripped, I added another vest (called a jinbaori, I think) to one samurai, and some forelocks to the head of another samurai (to indicate either his youth or perhaps that he's a ronin with money enough for school.)

The master of the school has had no conversion work at all. This is the only figure in my entire samurai collection who has had no conversion work.

That's it for the samurai for the time being. I'm not sure what I'll be doing next. I'm not finished with the samurai, though.

I plan on commissioning Steve Barber to sculpt at least one new samurai (unarmored samurai/priest archer, kneeling in a high-draw position.) I hope to commission him also to do a swordsman with separate arms that can be posed in a few optional ways. But all that will come later.

I have a few ideas for other sculpts to commission as well, but I need to sell some minis first to fund the work and to make space in the apartment.


  1. Where's the buffoon?

    The seemingly inept, omega-type the sensei allows to hang around because he senses he has the true heart of a warrior and will become the greatest of all Samurai.

  2. Beautiful work, wonderdul colors and details!