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Monday, August 26, 2013

Bryon paints his first minis, and I paint some pirates

My friend Bryon got his first taste of painting at Gen Con. His first effort was the Bones figure at left. He came over to my place this evening, and I gave him just a couple words of advice, let him at my Foundry paints, and he produced this Reaper Highlander figure- a great job for only his second figure ever.

He's got the basic concepts down (overbrushing, washing, layering), now all he needs to do is paint some more figures to gain practice and speed. Good job, Bryon!

While Bryon was painting that highlander, I dug some of my old Foundry pirates out of the lead mountain. I started this hobby with Games Workshop, but once I finally broke free, my first figures were Foundry's pirates. And these were a treat to paint!

I think I'll see how many I can paint before I tire of them- I hope to paint 14 of them (specifically 14, so that they'll fit into a small Chessex case.) Then I'll probably sell the small landing party (which will include a ship's gun and two-man crew, among other figures.)


  1. Commend Byron on his second mini; excellent skill there.

    Like those Foundry Pirates - kudos to you to. :)

  2. Wow, his first mini was pretty damn good but the jump up on only his second was quite big. Not to give him a big head or anything but he is on the path to greatness. Overbrushing is not a term I am familiar with. I really need to re-educate myself on the painting process.

    1. Overbrushing is what some call drybrushing, though, they are different techniques. Overbrushing is when you pull the brush over parts of the mini (such as hair, fur or chainmail) so that the paint is only applied to the raised areas (and not the recesses).

      Drybrushing is essentially painting with the dust of some dried color, but it can also be applied using an overbrush technique.

  3. Beautiful pirates and well done Byron - keep it up.