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Saturday, August 10, 2013

42mm Samurai: Poet and Peasant

I'm in the groove- painting is going nice and fast. I just finished this peasant and ronin.

These are two figures whose luck is heading in opposite directions. The peasant, after a nice winning streak at the gambling house, has bought himself a nice short kimono and a second-hand sword. The ronin, meanwhile, has lost his position and has only his sword, his hat, a bamboo canteen and a small bundle of odds and ends.

The hat, bundle and canteen were all made from green stuff. And, like many of my other samurai, I've filed off the kataginu shoulders so that he's only wearing his kimono. I also tried out a new color, Stained Olive (Reaper HD) for his kimono- I like it; I think it looks like a good samurai color.

Just one samurai left on the table (a teppo gunner for my red faction.) In the meantime, I'm seriously thinking of selling my armored samurai (Lord Kaage's group and my red samurai.) I'd like to whittle down my collection to those figures I'd use in a simple street skirmish (all the unarmored samurai and the peasants). I'd also like to make money enough to commission Steve Barber to do a couple more samurai poses. (We're working on one already.)

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