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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More Foundry pirates

Now I remember why I like these sculpts; they remind me of the old N.C. Wyeth illustrations from Treasure Island. And the exaggerated sculpting really does well with the 3-color English method, so I've given them a healthy dose of basic layering and black-lining.

I still have a few more (plus a small ships gun) to paint to complete the landing party. I must have used a good primer when I first painted these because it's been difficult to strip them. I'm using Simple Green, which has proven itself in the past. It's working, it's just taking a couple days longer of soaking the figures to break down the prime and base coats.


  1. Very nice work. Try instead of Simple Green, go with Wesley's Bleach White (Tire cleaner), soak about 24 hours or longer if you like, use a tooth brush to scrub off the excess paint (wash the head of the toothbrush under warm water), works like a charm. I read about it long ago and gave it a try, guess it it can clean a tire it can remove paint! It works great on plastic also, won't mess it up like other stuff.

  2. Fantastic! Colors are really impressive!