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Friday, April 18, 2014

A little from column A, a little from column Z

Not as many I as had imagined, but more than enough to choose from.
I think I will use the Dude (center) and Red Cap Ben to form the core
of Hobo Strike force. Need more hobo survivors!
A couple things here; first off, I finished the last of my Zombicide survivors. Now, I have a nice horde of them. I also finished painting the zombies that came with Jeff's copy of the game that I recently purchased, so now ALL of my zombies are actually painted. Last thing left to paint for Zombicide are the zombivors. I don't plan on playing with those anytime soon, so they can wait.

With this kind of variety, you'd think
I was arming some bandits or something.
Steve Barber let me know that my latest samurai order is on its way! I'm excited for this one because it includes three new sculpts I commissioned. Having this order in transit helped drive me to finish the stragglers from Zombicide.

After they were done, I cleaned the painting table, got some fresh water, dug out the anvil and started to make some weapons to arm the new samurai recruits coming in.


  1. Brilliant work on the survivors and the project as a whole. It has been great watching this progress, and the idea of the near-monochrome zed types was inspired. Great stuff. :)

  2. Really nice group of survivors sir. I love the dude figure.

  3. They look particularly great all together like that

  4. Brilliant achievement! I'm still waiting for the rest of my season 2 stuff to arrive :(