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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Samurai heavy hitter

Is that club too big? It certainly is taking up a lot of space in the pic. Nah, It's not too big.
Well, this is my favorite from this group so far. I made the tetsubo club a couple months ago, patiently filing down a thick length of brass rod, and adding studs from cured/cut green stuff. This fellow will be a force to be reckoned with in a skirmish. I've always wanted to do a figure like this after seeing (years ago) an illustration of a samurai holding a club, standing among his victims. (The book was "Samurai Warriors" by Stephen Turnbull, 1987 -- not an Opsrey title.)

The rest of the figure came together nicely. The body is from one of Steve Barber's ronin figures, and the head is from the new bandit figure. The vest was made from green stuff (not my best, but I think the paint hides it nicely.)

I gave him the a colorful costume so that he fits in with the other bandits. I also gave him a pattern reminiscent of the Kaage buntai I put together last year (and which is still for sale.) The rocky base was done so that this fellow would also fit in with a group of mountain bandits, though, honestly, I'm also just trying out some different basing ideas for fun.

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