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Friday, April 18, 2014

Pleasant Dreams

Just a quick note about a Kickstarter that'll be winding down here in a couple days. It's called "Pleasant Dreams: A Card Game of Nightmares."  The basic (and unique) concept is that you're trying to remain dreamily asleep, but nightmares are trying to build up enough to cause you to wake up screaming.

I honestly haven't read the rules in detail (well, I've skimmed them), but I backed the game for a few other reasons: It has a good entry price point ($15 for the game,) it can be played solitaire, and I love the art! Nice and grim with a victorian influence.

Check it out before it's too late!


  1. I forgot to say thank you.

    When you posted this I went straight to the campaign and bagged myself a copy.

    It looks very intriguing :)

  2. Yeah- it was the art (and the solitaire-suitability) that sucked me in; a little bit of Victorian Gothic and a little bit of E.H. Shepard's Winnie the Pooh.