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Monday, April 28, 2014

Soldiers for the kabuki-mono

Here are the (slight) conversions of the previous bandit figure. These really aren't conversions; they're more either a new weapon and/or a new head.

I like this pose. It's a good generic pose that is easy to change up with the new heads and weapons. I'll probably be getting a few more of these to fill out the ranks of my street gangs (kabuki-mono.)

The kabuki-mono were known for their eccentric behavior and outlandish clothes (they would wear bright colors and women's kimonos, for example.) Other gangs on the streets of Edo included the Hatamoto yakko -- essentially bored samurai with nothing better to do than terrorize the populace -- and the Machi yakko, townsmen who banded together to protect themselves from the other gangs. I'll be using my peasants as a Machi yakko gang.