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Friday, April 11, 2014

Zombicide: Angry Mary, Achilles and Achy-Breaky

Nothing special here -- well, OK, I do kind of like the Angry Mary sculpt; finally, a lady who looks like she's been kicking ass since before the apocalypse, and without having to show too much skin or boobage.
I enjoyed painting her leathers, which was quite easy. Just paint blacks like you would usually do, but go through the layers all the way to white (which should be a very thin highlight on the ridges next to folds.) This represents light reflecting off the glossy leather. It doesn't always look great up close, but on the table, the effect works well.

Achilles: Gave him some prison orange, seemed an easy enough decision.

Achy-Breaky: I know who it's "supposed" to be, but with that mullet, I prefer this figure to represent Billy Ray Cyrus. That way, we can all cheer every time he gets eaten by zombies.

Been a busy week in the office (newspaper) what with the drunken riots in my town. Hopefully, this weekend, I'll be able to plow through the final few survivors on the table. New samurai will soon be coming!

Machinas friends

I hope you're enjoying the game. For those who didn't order the cars, I hope the cards are working out for you (or, even better, I hope you're making your own little death racers.)

For those who ordered cars -- Thanks for your patience, FedEx was delayed and should be getting me the remainder of your stuff (rules and cards) in on Monday (and I'll still need to repack everything along with your cars).

The Oak Street Priests will say a blessing to his Greatness on your behalf for your understanding. Many in the Known Wasteland can quickly enter a Waste Race for a few moments of brief glory, but those who are patient become true Brother Pilots and their glory last forever!


  1. "Achilles" looks as dangerous to have around as the zombies :(

  2. These are fun.I image that survivors might adopt a costume and favorite weapon from all the free stuff lying around after the fall.

  3. Nice work on these. I also really like your zombie technique. When I get round to it I will try the same. I'm lagging on Machinas, I need to get stuck in.