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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A couple samurai bandits

Not much new here, not even much conversion work -- the bandit has a head swap, and the peasant has had shoulder peaks added (using green stuff) and has been painted to look like he's wearing a simple jinbaori (jacket vest.)

I like the bandit here (with katana.) The photo doesn't do the red justice; it's almost a plum red achieved using Reaper HD colors Crimson Red, Rusty Red and then a little bit of off-white mixed in to the Rusty Red for highlights. (The purple is from Foundry paint.)

I also painted these using the Reaper HD paints (I had been using Vallejo for a while.) I just want to try them on something other than Reaper Bones (for which they were purchased.) Right now, I think the Reaper (HD only) paints are winning the which-is-my-favorite-brand-of-paint contest. Their only con is that the range is limited and triads are difficult to put together.