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Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Tusk 20th anniversary set

The original characters from the first set of Tusk rules. I have many more figures, but these were representative.
July will mark the 20th anniversary of the mammoth hunting game "Tusk." I figured it was a good time to finish my 54mm prehistoric collection. What was missing from the collection? Mammoths! 

Why so late on getting the most important asset to a Tusk collection? Well, simply put, I stopped playing Tusk for a while. I also rewrote the tribe to fit into a post-apoc setting with all of my other 54mm figures, so there was little reason still to get a mammoth. But then I realized the anniversary was rolling around and that it would be nice to actually use my 54mm cavemen for their original purpose. Enter the mammoth.

I found some mammoth toys by Carnegie/Safari Ltd that were 1/30 scale, which is only a touch larger than the 1/32-54mm figures. So, as I say, they were "cinematically compatible." I found a good deal on eBay, so I bought three of the beasts. They look great, by the way. Carnegie has done a good job with their prehistoric beasts, especially in the past five years. 

I actually have conversion plans for a couple of the mammoths. One will get a head repositioned. Another will have his tusk readjusted. And the third, I think I will add an extra large "mane" of fur (using green stuff) to bulk him out, add some age, and make him look more fearsome. I might also give them a few drybrushings of paint (rusty red/orange) to add some a little more depth and natural color.


  1. Sweet hunters and prey dude.

  2. Your painting and period choice have always been unique and fun to follow. Keep up the great work and giving an old dude some great gaming ideas.

  3. I've only heard about this game in the last couple of months, but it sounds fun. A set like this to play it with would only make it better! Carnegie and Schleick (sp?) are definitely the top of the game when it comes to animal models. Not cheap, but beautifully detailed, and arguably as scientifically accurate as can be expected in a toy.

  4. Thank you for reminding me of this game. It is tempting to get some stuff and start playing. Nice one mate!

  5. Very cool indeed, love 'Dog' particularly!

  6. Great job and I love miniatures. Congratulations.

    A greeting.