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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dino repaint: Nigersaurus

This is nigersaurus (by Safari Ltd.) It is a small sauropod from the middle Cretceous period. The dinosaur (not this toy -- thank goodness) had 500 teeth arrayed in a wide mouth.

Just like the gryposaurus, I wanted to keep this paint scheme simple, hence the uniform gray all around. Still, I wanted to make the model pop just a little, so I painted the spines red, which makes for a nice accent.

The original paint job on this guy was actually quite nice, and I debated whether to repaint him at all. In the end, I'm enjoying painting these models, so he got added to the queue.

I have a pachycephalosaurus on the table and a brachiosaurus getting primed, so yes, more to come!

Note: I reverted back to the Army Painter/Testors Flat Black combo. I think the Flat Black/Craft paint combo I used on the gryposaurus works; I just think it was rubbing off of the gryposaur because I forgot to wash him. Another part of painting these dinos is that I scrub them down with water and Simple Green to get all the dust and oils (from playtime) off of them before priming.


  1. Always happy to see some dino repaints!

  2. What a dino! And what a paint job, very nice work there!

    This one must have just hoovered up low-growing plants, he even looks a little like a vacuum cleaner..
    ; )