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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Satys's Orphans: Base coat

I just wanted to show you all how I start these figures. To help speed things along, for the basecoat on these terminators (and many other of my figures) I use the same technique I use when painting my monochromatic zombies: Drybrush the hell out of them with a big brush. You can see the brush in the photo below; I used the same brush for all of the layers.

Over a black primer, I started with a heavily drybrushed/overbrushed layer of Vallejo Uniform Green. Next up is a layer of Uniform green mixed with a healthy dose of Vallejo Lime Green. Then Lime Green, and finally a little white mixed into the Lime Green.

Next up will be regular layered painting for details and equipment. This is where things will slow down again; I plan to only paint these two or three at a time. Each figure is unique enough that if I try to paint these a full squad at a time, I'll keep missing details and will have to open and reopen paint bottles.


  1. Well, that went quickly! I was curious as to your approach on these, and am now very keen on both your process,and your awesome end results. Thanks for the inspiration, man!

    1. Yep! -- the basecoating took all of a couple minutes per figure.
      The remaining steps take about an hour per figure, though. I've finished four more tonight!

  2. Excellent, I think I'll go up a brush size for some of my Chaos Marines after seeing this, Thanks!