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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Satys's Orphans: Librarian

I noticed that everyone -- and I mean EVERYone was painting their Librarian blue, despite the Blood Angels (represented in the Sapce Hulk box set) being red, so I figured, as a novice, something was up, and I better read up on some 40K lore before proceeding with brush.

I found out that indeed, Librarians are painted blue, but I also read that when in terminator armor, they can be the same colors as their comrades. So screw the blue, I went with my Satys green.
OK, I did do the tabard in blue to keep things somewhat "correct."

This was actually one of the easier characters to paint. He was intimidating at first look, but once I started picking items out, I realized there was actually a whole lot to him, especially compared with some of the Blood Angel sculpts -- Most of my cussing while painting many of these figures was over discovering yet more hidden purity seals as I neared the finish. There wasn't much hiding on the Librarian.

Tomorrow night, I will try to finish Chaplain Steuben. He shouldn't take too long; he's dressed all in black, and I use black primer.