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Friday, December 25, 2009

300 posts and a display table

Yeah, I really didn't have anything planned for my 300th post. Maybe I'll do something for No. 500 (contest for one of my miniatures maybe???)

Just wanted to show off my display table. 15"x60", this table in my living room is where I display whatever miniatures range or time period I'm interested in at the time. For some of 2008-09 it was prehistorics (oh sigh, I had to put to storage my Sculpey pieces: dead mammoth, huts, burial site, accessories), and in 2007-08 it was my 40mm Old West. Now it is my tiny collection of 42mm samurai. To them I hope to add either a small shrine or japanese house with all the accessories. I also might make a new pond- maybe I'll even put some koi in it? (Koi ponds weren't popular until the early 1800s, so a koi pond would be a little out of place with my samurai. Still, it would look pretty cool- and yes, I would make the koi out of Sculpey, paint them and suspend them in the clear epoxy resin as it dries; gotta do it right! :)

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