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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

42mm samurai: Samurai defending with yari

My first armored samurai. It turned out all right (the armor lacings are honestly a bit sloppy; it's difficult to see in these pics), but I'm still happy with the overall figure.
I'm also glad the carp tail helmet crest turned out. It's not part of the original sculpt; I sculpted it from green stuff right onto the helmet. The sashimono was replaced (as it was on most of the other figures) with brass rod and thick paper stock.


  1. It looks great, as do the others. I'm impressed at the consistant rate you've been painting these at! It's always a pleasure to get home from work and see you've posted another one!

  2. And I've got two more samurai with plenty of paint on them. Hopefully, they'll be done tomorrow. Two more after them, and another order is on its way!