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Monday, December 7, 2009

Steve Barber models: You get what you paid for

Oh boy!!!! My samurai have arrived, and they are fantastic models! After having them in hand, suddenly the price seems inexpensive; these are hefty models (NOW I understand the 30% shipping charge- these were heavy!- Shipping is worth it). They are also great sculpts- my compliments to Steve Barber.
The models come loose in ziplock bags with weapons, sashimono (for most figures) and random samurai crests for the samurai. The ashigaru who have nageyari (long spears) are actually provided with steel pins and separate lance heads. The yari and bamboo pole (peasant)are still pewter and maybe a touch (just a touch) thin, but I planned on replacing them with brass rod anyway; I'll use the original weapons to accessorize terrain, bases are what not. I also plan to hammer out my own katana and no-dachi blades on the anvil. The blades with the figures are just fine, but I prefer (and do this with all my new figures now) brass blades for their durability. The figures also come with pre-drilled hands to accept yari pins, or other weapons and accessories. These are low-maintenance figures, which will allow me to focus on painting.

The size comparison photo is of Steve's ashigaru w/straw rain cape (SAM27) next to a Warcrow samurai figure. Keep in mind the Warcrow figure is actually about 33/34mm from to to the top of his head. Steve's figure in this photo is standing on a 40mm display base.
Note: On the armored samurai photo, you'll see a small hole in his lower back; That's to accept the base of the sashimono (them cute little flags samurai wear on their backs.)
Ok, that's enough for the inadvertent figure review- I was just psyched to get these. Time to get some more bases ordered, figures cleaned up and weapons hammered out. I also think I'll peruse and see what I will purchase in my next samurai order.

(By the way: These arrived just in time- A blizzard will be underway starting tonight through the next day and a half. I love Iowa.)


  1. Wow. Steel poles with cast lance heads, pre-drilled hands that fit various weapons? It's like he's heard all my complaints about miniatures AND my ideal solutions. The scale may be a little big for me, but they do look nice.

    Are you planning skirmish/rpg games with them? Or something more massive? Or just collecting? :)


  2. Hi, Blackfly!
    I'll be using them probably with Two Hour Wargames' Red Sand, Blue Sky rules (Gladiator rules which I'll modify just a bit.)
    But I'll also collect these as display models. My plan is to go as in depth in detail with these as I did my 40mm Old West. I don't plan on as many buildings, but there will be plenty of details on everything else (My most detailed planned bits so far will be a sake set: tray, bottle and a couple of saucers, as well as other cooking utensils and pots etc. for the house I plan on building.)