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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

42mm samurai update: Peasant spearman finished

Here's a quick shot of my first finished 42mm Steve Barber figure, a peasant (with poor lighting.) I'll get a better photo later; I just wanted to celebrate my first finished figure of the range. I'm still working on a decent Japanese flesh tone recipe. This one is Foundry Dusky flesh6A as a base, then successive highlights of Foundry Flesh 5B. It looks all right, but it still feels a bit drab.

Now I wonder how those reeds are going to react to the spray varnish? I may have to make some kind of screen/mask. I hope it works out, I plan on reeding up one of my ninja bases, too. I reckon' I could varnish figures first and then add the reeds? Oh well. We'll see what happens to Takezo Musashi here first.


  1. I've been following the 40mm Samurai thread for some time - welcome to the 40mm club!

    I've been working on Eureka 40mm Musketeers and replaced the very thin and flimsy swords with 30mm carpet tacks. I'll try to get some photos on my Blog within the week - the technique is simpler than hammering and filing brass rod (not sure if this would be of use for Katana's.)

    Once again - thanks for the posts.


  2. Actually, I've done 40mm before- but this is my first 42mm :)
    These are also my first-ever samurai figures.

    And great idea with the carpet tacks for rapier blades.
    I guess I should clarify from an earlier post: When I was originally deciding which 40mm range to try out, it was between HLBS Old West, Steve Barber Samurai OR Eureka's Musketeers. Fab figures there.

    Hmm, I wonder if they'll ever do 40mm Pig Tickler?