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Thursday, December 24, 2009

BIG trees revisited

Back in May 2007 on this blog, I showed a method for making large trees using floral stems. I hadn't made a new tree since then (those I had were plenty for my purposes.)
Well, with the 42mm samurai, I wanted something JUST a little bigger and fuller. This tree is made from four full floral stems, gathered together, and wrapped with floral tape at the bottom to form a trunk. The floral tape was then given a rub down of wood glue to hold it together and give it a little strength.
The trunk was still a little tall, so I sawed a few inches off the bottom. I epoxyed the tree to a CD base, painted the trunk, flocked with static grass (I still need to do that bit) and done!
The last picture shows some of my 42mm ashigaru at the base of the tree to give you an idea of the tree's size. It stands 24 inches tall, and is about 18 inches in diameter at its widest point. I only made one this large; I think that's all a battlefield is going to need to make an impact. It may serve as a focal point for a scenario or two: something like, "Duel at Okinaki" (translated ((by Google)) as "Big Tree.")

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  1. Thisi s a great project. I ended up with a bunch of these as leftovers from other terrain projects and have been looking at them as stuff I'll never use. And now I do.