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Friday, December 18, 2009

42mm Samurai: Ashigaru with yari, wearing straw rain cape

I like this figure a lot. That may be due to the fact that it's only the second of the range that I've painted so far. But I like the minor oddity of a straw rain cape; and Steve Barber has done a nice job of letting the ashigaru's armor show through toward the bottom of the cape (pancho?)
I was worried about how the red would turn out, but it looks good!
I've settled on a flesh recipe: Foundry Spearshaft 13B as shade, then Flesh 5B, and Flesh 5C.
I also like blue lacings with the red armor; I'll probably do one more ashigaru (standing with yari) in the same scheme (red armor/blue lacings). I also plan on doing one red samurai. That will be enough painting with reds as I can take- I just don't have enough patience to wait for multiple clear layers of red to dry (Foundry, as do most paint companies, has thin, transparent reds. Honestly, I'm sure the red pigments are one of the more pricey- so the paints are thin to save costs. Can anyone recommend a good red? I do have some old Reaper Pro Paints reds, but they're old and have a few rogue crumblies in them.)

Oh well, back to the samurai!

"Samurai noodles!!! Samurai noodles!!!!" (3 points if you can name the movie)


  1. I don't know the movie but one of the best Ramen houses here in seattle is called Samurai Noodle. :)


  2. Oh yes- the name of the movie since no one else has answered: Ronin Gai, about a group of ronin who unite to fight corrupt samurai who are trying to destroy the brothel the ronin frequent.

    In one scene Shintaro Katsu eats "Osaka" noodles at a noodle vendor. He loves the noodles so much, he tells the vendor (himself a former samurai), "You shouldn't call these Osaka noodles. You should call these samurai noodles." Then he walks off down the street proclaiming, "Samuraiiiiii Noodllllles!!"