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Sunday, December 27, 2009

42mm samurai: Ashigaru with bow

It keeps snowing, so I keep painting. Here's the latest ashigaru (and last on the table until I order more). Even at 42mm, it's still a bit of a pain to paint the lacings holding the tassets together (the armor layers covering his groin and hips).
The figure's bow originally came with the portion below the hand attached to the figure, and the portion above the hand as a separate piece. I felt the upper portion would be too fragile to glue in - it WAS provided with a socket in the hand to deal with this - but I still opted to bend out a new top portion of the bow out of brass rod and drill the hand a bit for a more solid fit. I also didn't have the patience to do new wrappings (those little black stripes) all the way up the new bow portion, so I simply painted them on.
The arrow in the ground is a piece of brass rod with flights cut out of paper. It was fiddly too. In general, this figure was an all-around pain in the ass (somewhat). But it turned out ok, so I'm happy. I'm certainly not getting anymore archers; looks like my men will be veterans of Nagashino (more guns).

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